Aerial Soccer

Developing and professional players understand that touch on the ground and in the air is foundational for any good soccer player. It can be hard to practice aerial skills and as such this area of development can be overlooked.

That is why soccer in a squash court can be so powerful. It can develop aerial skills through constant repetition, building confidence, touch and control. One hour in a squash court kicking a soccer ball has so many benefits.

  • The ball can’t get away
  • The ball will bounce and travel at multiple speeds from multiple angles requiring touch skill and ball control awareness
  • Repetition and muscle memory can be built because of the multiple close walls
  • A good player turns into a great player through aerial skill development
  • It’s all weather, indoor fun that will give your football team or athlete a great soccer development workout that is vastly different to a normal training session

Who can benefit?

  • Individual training sessions
  • 2 players (playing aerial soccer squash).
  • Clubs requiring wet weather training options
  • Clubs using it for aerial skill youth/ player development

What do you need

  • Futsal or cross trainers
  • Soccer ball
  • Drink bottle


  • $35 per hour per court
  • $5 per team member (8 or more)