About our Coach

Hunter squash training is a coaching and training service run by Neil Roberts.

Neil has been involved in squash for over 30 years. Like most kids in the 80’s being exposed to squash through your parents was the norm, squash participation was at an all time high in Australia and courts
were far more prevalent than today.

Initially playing out of the Castle Hill courts (sadly no longer in existence) and playing competitively as a top junior in the 90’s and then later in tournaments and pennants across Sydney. Neil was exposed to many squash environments at the club level, elite training and schools programs.

After an eye injury in 2002 Neil had a break from the sport. In 2009 after coming back to the sport Neil realised his passion for sharing the skills he had learnt during his time spent previously in squash. Also a realisation of what makes the game of squash so much fun and addictive and trying to share that with others.

Some additional injuries and life changes have meant Neil’s ability to compete as a top squash player are now limited, however it doesn’t change the passion for the game of squash. Whilst still a very capable player, he has more personal goals of enjoying the game long term rather than competing at the highest level.

Neil now resides in Lake Macquarie with his wife and 2 children. Neil’s day job is working as a project delivery expert across a variety of industries but those development and analytical skills fit in perfectly with the analytics of squash.

Primarily based out of Cardiff squash courts, Neil provides coaching services for the hunter region. This includes group sessions, individual sessions and training programs for clubs.

As a student of the game Neil can analyse and provide input on your current game. Also having had experience in other sports at the top level, Neil can provide insights to the psychology of how you approach squash at various levels to help you achieve your goals.

Neil is always ready to have a chat about squash, so reach out and book a session in now.

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